Company Profile

Wizbiosolutions Inc. is a finish biotechnology company that
produces and markets high-quality molecular biological reagents for
the international market. We recognized producer of high-quality
enzymes and reagent for nucleic acid amplification, nucleic acid
purification kits, and molecular detection kits for Human, Animal,
Fishery, Food pathogen and etc.

We will go on developing the essential reagents used in
biotechnology with continuous development and technical
innovation. With such spirit and readiness, Wizbiosolutions Inc. is
confident that its products will be used as the world standard in the
field of biotechnology reagents. Wizbiosolutions Inc. will always do
its best to keep its promise.

Biology Reagent

Nucleic acid amplification kits
(PCR, RT-PCR, Real-time PCR)
Nucleic acid purification kits (DNA, RNA)
Enzymes, molecular weight markers and more.

Diagnostics Kit

Animal (Veterinary)
Food pathogen

OEM/ODM Service

Ultrafast Real-time PCR System
Point-of-care MDx System


PCR, Real-time PCR Reagents
Nucleic acid purification kits
Molecular diagnostic kits